Thai Kitchen in St. Peters, MO


Thai food has become fairly ubiquitous in and around the St. Louis area. So to attract attention, a Thai restaurant really needs to impress with their food. Thai Kitchen in St. Peters does just that.

This was our first visit to this restaurant. My first impression was that the interior looked just like every other Thai place we have been to. So, I figured, the food would be good, but it would not stand out. I was impressed by the specials board as I passed it, though. It featured two items we could not pass up and eventually ordered: Fried Shrimp Spring-rolls and Pineapple Duck Curry. (Actually, my wife could have passed up the duck. But not me!)

Fried Tofu with Spicy Peanut Sauce

Fried Tofu with Spicy Peanut Sauce

We started with the spring-rolls and some fried tofu with a slightly spiced peanut sauce. Both were delicious. Our boys helped us quickly devour these treats. Next up, the before-mentioned Duck Curry with Brown Rice for me, and Lo Mein with Tofu and Steamed White Rice for her. With ample shares for the kids, of course.

Pineapple Duck Curry

Pineapple Duck Curry

The Duck Curry was perfect. The meat was cooked just right, with the fat having been rendered and the skin crispy. The sauce was fragrant and spicy. The pineapple balanced the spice and added a layer of sweetness. I appreciate the fact that the restaurant offers brown rice as well. I believe that the nutty flavor and wholesome texture of brown rice goes well with curries and other heavy sauces and stews.

Lo Mein with Tofu

Lo Mein with Tofu

My wife and boys enjoyed the Lo Mein with Tofu and the White Rice. It was very mild on spice, but well-balanced with soy and stir-fried vegetables. Of course I had to have my share. I also topped the meal off well with a chilled glass of rich plum wine.

The service was prompt and friendly, the place was clean and welcoming. We had plenty of leftovers to take home for a second meal, and the prices are very moderate. Dinner entrees are around $12 and appetizers range from $5 to $8. A definite bargain for the hungry family. I am glad I was wrong in my initial assessment that Thai Kitchen would be nothing special.


The interior of Thai Kitchen


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