Mai Lee Restaurant in St. Louis


Mai Lee Vietnamese Restaurant in Brentwood, Missouri

We ate at Mai Lee again last night. Over five visits to this wonderful Vietnamese restaurant in Brentwood, Missouri. I posted a review on Hubpages. I had Curried Eel with steamed rice. Good flavor, but the eel is hard to eat. Bones. Hard to chew. Marissa had Beef Meatball Soup, or Pho Bo Vien. It was delicious. The boys ate pork-fried rice, eggrolls and we all split a steamed pork bun. Marissa and I also drank wonderful Vietnamese coffees, made with extremely strong coffee and condensed milk.


The Spread at Mai Lee

The service was good, but the young man forgot the boys’ Pepsi. But he put it on the bill. We had him take it off. No problem. Everything else was good. Wonderful spot for a Saturday night gathering of family and friends.


Pho Bo Vien, or Beef Meatball Soup


Curried Eel Stir-Fry. Sloshed Around a Bit.


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