Poached Eggs with Mustard Cream Sauce



Served with pureed potatoes and spinach tossed with extra virgin olive oil and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The sauce is made with butter, cream, shallots and whole grain mustard. Very good.




The Precinct Sports Bar & Grill in St. Louis, MO

The Cuban Sandwich at The Precinct

The Cuban Sandwich at The Precinct


Former Major League Baseball star Jim Edmonds’ eatery, 15, was the latest restaurant in St. Louis to transform from a fine dining establishment into a more casual, family-friendly dining establishment. With a focus on sports, brews and barbecue, The Precinct is geared to attract the pregame crowd looking for a quick, affordable lunch or dinner before attending a Cardinals’ baseball game.

We actually went to the restaurant after the lunch rush, just prior to first pitch on Memorial Day. There were only about 10 other people in the building, including staff, and it was very quiet. The service was very relaxed, perhaps a bit too much. It was as if our server extended herself during the pregame rush and had mentally clocked out for the day. When I inquired what other drinks were on offer other that the Pepsi we had ordered for our sons, she began rattling off; Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist,… Not much of an up-selling job, me thinks.

The food was decent, but not necessarily memorable. The menu is filled with typical bar food; burgers, wings, nachos, other fried foods and appetizers, but the focus is on the barbecue. I ordered the Cuban sandwich, which was made with the slow-smoked, pulled pork. The sandwich was good overall, but I did not like the fact that it included Pesto. Italian Pesto on a Cuban? What? The Pulled Pork Sandwich was good, as were the French Fries. The Baked Beans were rather plain.

Overall, I left with mixed feelings about The Precinct. I enjoyed the ambiance with all of the baseball-related memorabilia on the walls, especially that commemorating Mr. Edmonds’ years with the Cardinals. I was certainly not overly impressed with the food or service. I would recommend to someone curious about the new place; “Go check out the goods, have a beer, and maybe a sandwich or appetizer, then hop on the shuttle down to Busch Stadium and enjoy a ballgame.