Cupbop Food Truck | Salt Lake City

How about a road trip to Slat Lake City to check this out!

Heartbeat Nosh

Are you ready to add one more thing to your “craveable” list?
Then, you should hunt down the Copbop Korean BBQ Truck and fall in love.

The concept is simple: Korean BBQ in a cup. Yes. However, their flavors are anything but simple. Cupbop serves Korean style BBQs (Beef, Pork, and Chicken) with rice, veggies, and noodles. And it is pretty much like a flavor explosion – amazing sauces, amazing textures, fast, friendly, and not to mention FUN. These guys really know how to keep a long line of customers entertained and happy. They want to please you; and they do!


For my first Cupbop, I ordered the COMBO cup – because hey, I wanted to try everything. The combo said it came with beef and pork, but they so lovingly asked me if I would also like chicken. Well, heck yes, I want to try the chicken too! We…

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