Sweet Potato Fries with Banana Ketchup

photo (1)


I made these fries earlier this summer as a snack for my boys. I liked them as much as they did. The sweet potatoes came from the Hahn Farm stand at the Ferguson Farmer’s Market. There was a mix of orange and white-fleshed tubers. The flavor of each was very similar. 

I fried the potatoes in the (classic?) French style: starting from raw, cooking in canola oil over medium heat for about 20 minutes, then increasing the heat to medium-high and cooking until crispy. I have found this technique makes the best fry. It is also quite easy because it involves only one pot. There is no need to blanch and shock the potatoes prior to frying.

The ketchup was made from commercial ketchup mixed with mashed, ripe bananas and plenty of brown sugar. I also added some chili sauce to add some heat to the sweet. 

Awesome! Try it out! 


2 responses

    • Banana ketchup is prevalent in the Philippines. But they make it with just bananas and add artificial color. This way is much better. I actually got the inspiration from Roy Choi of LA’s Kogi BBQ Truck fame.

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